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Flow Meter

We offer precision engineered Flow Meters that are used to measure the flow of liquid. Covering a wide range of flowing capacity, the meters are available in single, double and triple capsule mode. These meters such as flow meter. digital flow meter, water flow meter, water meter and digital meter provide accurate and reliable readings with long service life. Applicable in fields like fertilizers, refineries and chemical industries, the range is custom designed as required by the client.


We are the leading manufacturer of flow meter, digital flow meter, water flow meter, water meter and digital meter.

The C-35 is a sturdy, compact and highly accurate Positive Displacement Flow Meter. Proven design and material selection make it possible to use it extensively for almost every sector of industry and process control.

Design features :

  • High accuracy.
  • Low pressure drop
  • Step-less calibration adjustment.
  • Wear compensating vane design.
  • Mechanical or electronic readout.

Principles of operation :

The product can be entered in flow meter through manifold inlet. It causes the rotor to revolve by pressure on vane blades. Proximity of rotor to body forms an effective seal. Profile of body ensures the control of vane blades through measuring crescent. Vane blades divide the liquid into segments, giving a positive rotary motion to the rotor. The rotor spindle transmits the drive through a pressure tight lip seal in the meter front cover, to the calibrating mechanism which calibrates the meter output for a correct counter readout.

Technical Specifications:



Flow – Range


35 – 350 LPM


45 – 450 LPM

Applications :

  • Container filling
  • Tank truck / rail wagon unloading
  • Batching, blending & dispensing in chemical & process, petroleum, pharmaceutical, paint, solvents, aircraft fueling & a host of other fields.
  • Automation & data acquisition systems.

Positive displacement Flow Meters are precision made liquid measuring Flow Meters. These are available in single, double and triple capsule models to suit applications covering a wide range of flow capacities. Simplicity of design and construction ensures unmatched accuracy and trouble-free operation over long periods of use.


Design Features:


  • Low pressure drop
  • Unique wear compensating vane design for sustained accuracy over a wide flow range
  • Step-less calibration adjustment
  • Separate meter manifold prevents pipeline stresses from being transmitted to the measuring chamber.
  • Pressure balanced end covers protects distortion of measuring chamber due to line pressure.
  • Modular construction ensures interchangeable parts lower inventory of spares and ease of service.
  • Mechanical or electronic readout.


Principles of Operation:

The product enters the Flow Meter through the manifold inlet & causes the rotor to revolve by pressure on the vane blades. The proximity of the rotor to the body forms an efficient seal, whilst the profile of the body, ensures that the vane blades are guided through the measuring crescent. The vane blades divide the liquid into segments & each revolution of the rotor displaces for such segments.


Product at line pressure also fills the spaces between the inner & outer end covers so that the inner end covers which form the measuring chamber get ‘pressure balanced’ & are prevented from distortion due to line pressure.


The rotor spindle transmits the drive through a pressure tight lip seal in the meter front cover to the Calibrating Mechanism or the Pulse Transmitter which calibrates the meter output for a corrected counter readout. All mechanical Flow Meters are fitted with Veeder Root mechanical counters.




Single Capsule

Double Capsule

Triple Capsule


136-1364 LPM

205-2046 LPM




227-2273 LPM

295-2955 LPM




295-2955 LPM

We offer for a precision engineered range of fuel flow meters that find application in petroleum, petrochemical & process control industries. These are suitable for fitting into tanks or process vessels for controlling liquid levels for preventing tank overflow.




  • Oval gear design
  • Low pressure drop allows for gravity and pump(in-line)applications
  • Register cap can be easily removed and rotated to every 90º orientation for display reading
  • Supplied with integrated mesh strainer
  • Available in Litre, US Gal, UK Gal calibration
  • 5 year warranty
  • 10 year parts availability

Mini water flow meters for oil/ chemical/ special liquid are reliable meters to be used to measure the amount of liquid supplied through a pipeline. We supply these flow meters according to the clients specifications.


Technical Specifications:

  • Flow range : 0.5 LPH to 1000 LPH
  • Line size : from 1mm to 10mm
  • Accuracy : +/- 2%
  • Input Voltage: 4.5 – 24 VDC
  • Output : square wave signal
  • Medium : Water, Diesel, Petrol, Acids, Chemicals & other liquids
  • Application: Vending Machine, Consumption monitoring

Digital control valve is an electrically actuated, hydraulically operated multi-function control valve. It can be used for local as well as remote controlled batching operations with electronic batch controller. The Valve also offers an in-built flow governing function.

Design Features

  • Precision multi-stage opening and closing
  • Fail-safe design
  • Low pressure drop
  • Bubble-tight seat design
  • Flow rate control
Type Electrically actuated, hydraulically operated
Size 80 mm NB
Flow Range 1500 lpm maximum
End Connections ANSI B16.5 RF, Class 150
Max. working pressure Temperature 70 C
Solenoid operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Mounting Downstream of blk meter

The combination C35 Strainer cum Air Eliminator ensures removal of solid impurities, air or vapour from the liquid, before they enter the bulk meter. It is an essential accessory for a trouble free and accurate flow meter operation.

Design Features:

  • Low Pressure drop due to large filter element area
  • Compact dimensions for minimum install action space
  • Threaded ports for connecting differential pressure
  • Gauge or temperature probe high venting capacity air eliminator.


Principles of Operation:


The Offset Strainer cum Air Eliminator is fitted on bulk meter inlet side and is specifically used with preset meters. The wire mesh filter element is positively damped by a spider, stud and nut arrangement. A drain plug is provided to facilitate servicing, Liquid impurities get filtered on passing through the filter element and the clean liquid flows through the bulk meter. For new installations, it is advisable to first thoroughly flush lines before installing the bulk meter. Periodic filter element inspection and cleaning is necessary to prolong the life of the bulk meter.


The air eliminator is mounted on top of the strainer body. It consists of a stainless steel float connected to a pilot valve via multiple linkages. When the collects in the air eliminator, the buoyant force acting on the float reduces, the float drops down along with the pilot valve connected to the linkage and the air escapes through the main valve. As liquid rises in the air eliminator, the float rises to lift the pilot valve, thereby closing the air release opening of main valve.


Line Sizes: 11/2’’, 2’’, 3’’, 4’’

Proving Tanks are precision made, open volumetric calibrating measures. They enable on-site calibration of liquid flow meters, master meters and vehicle tanks, with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.


Design Features:

  • Rugged and fully welded construction
  • Displacement tube for accurate volumetric adjustment
  • Internal baffle plate prevents vortex formation and related trapping of air
  • Provision to mount thermometers and level bottle for accurate liquid measurement
  • Fixed or mobile versions with or without unloading pump and motor


Principles of Operation:

A Proving Tank consists of a cylindrical shell welded between two conical ends, which ensure smooth flow of liquid while draining the tank. Fitted to the bottom cone is a T-joint (where inlet and outlet isolation valves can be fitted) and a drain valve to assist in filling and draining of the tank. The top cone is fitted with a neck tube, having a conical top cover to prevent ingress of dirt in the tank. A graduated glass tube is externally fitted to the neck tube, which indicates the liquid level in the neck tube. Graduations on the tube correspond to the volume per unit height of the neck tube.


The cylindrical shell has a manhole fitted with a bolted cover, which can be opened for internal inspection, painting, etc. A displacement tube arrangement is provided on the top cone to adjust the internal tank volume with the tank capacity mark on the graduated glass tube. For accurate adjustment of tank level, rest pad is fixed to the top cone for keeping level bottles. The body also has two thermo wells capable of accepting mercury in steel type thermometers.


A baffle plate provided at the point of liquid entry in the bottom cone, prevents swirl or vortex formation and related trapping of air in the liquid. The entire tank is erected on a sturdy steel channel frame, which can be either grouted (for a fixed Proving Tank) or bolted to a movable trolley (in case of a mobile Proving Tank). In the latter case, the trolley comes with a tow bar and leveling screw jacks. The choice of a centrifugal pump with motor to fill or drain the liquid is optional, both for fixed or mobile tanks.




  • Calibration of field mounted liquid flow meters or master meters
  • Vehicle tank calibration
  • Calibration of bulk measures


Capacity in Liters: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000

The Flow Governor is a protective device, installed downstream of the bulk meter, to limit the flow rate through the bulk meter to the maximum meter flow rate capacity. This becomes essential when the pump capacity is greater than capacity of the bulk meter or when a common pump is used for more than one bulk meter.


Design Features:


  • Low pressure drop
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Compact and rugged construction
  • A sensitive pressure differential orifice design


Principles of Operation:

The Flow Governor consists of a body having an orifice, a spring balanced piston and a butterfly control valve. Variation in liquid flow across the orifice creates a differential pressure, which applies a downward or upward force on the piston. This in turn rotates the butterfly valve to restrict and maintain a constant rate of flow. The downward compression force on the piston is resisted by the spring tension, which is adjustable and enables accurate presetting of a constant flow rate.




  • Single pump, multi-point gantry filling
  • High flow regulation for meter protection


Line Sizes: 3’’, 4’’ & 6’’

Solid state Pulse Transmitters provide fast and accurate signaling for remote indication, totalizing and data monitoring systems. The unit is mounted directly on the flow meter and is coupled to the meter's output shaft.


Design Features:


  • High resolution of 100 pulses per revolution
  • Wide operating voltage span
  • Very low power requirement
  • Low driving torque places minimum load on flow meter shaft
  • Wide operating range (within 1000 meters of receiving instrument)
  • Flameproof enclosure certified by CMRI, Dhanbad for use in gas group IIA and IIB hazardous areas


Principles of Operation:

The unit consists of a precisely slotted disc, rotating through a solid state optical switch, which houses an infrared light source and a light sensitive diode. The optical switch detects the passage of the slots on the disc, as the input shaft rotates and translates them with the help of an in-built electronic circuit, into positive square wave output pulses. One revolution of the input shaft produces 100 pulses at the output.



  • Operating remote electronic counters to indicate flow meter throughput
  • Operating preset counters to control preset quantities through the flow meter
  • Operating flow recording and flow rate indicating instruments
  • Data acquisition systems

Our sturdily constructed preset valves provide an accurate & automatic control of a pre-determined quantity of liquid to be delivered through the flow meter. A typical preset arrangement consists of a preset valve mounted on the flow meter outlet & connected by a mechanical linkage to the preset register fitted below the flow meter counter.

Design Features :

  • Compact design
  • Low pressure drop
  • Accurate shut-off
  • Bubble tight two stage cushioned closure
  • Batch quantity up to 99999 litres
  • Emergency stop facility
  • Optional electrical Preset Switch for remote pump control

Principles of operation :

The preset valve has a pilot operated, hydraulically actuated design, that ensures easy opening & two stage cushioned closure. It consists of a main valve & a pilot valve, that are connected to preset register. To commence operation, the flow meter counter is reset to zero and liquid delivery is initiated by pulling the preset handle. This actuates the linkage to move the pilot valve, which drains the pressurized liquid in the main valve causing a pressure drop across the main valve to open it. Then, the preset register knock-off plate gets released in two stages, moving the linkage connected to it & allowing the main valve to gradually close in two stages. The rubber bonded seal fitted on the main valve ensures a bubble tight shut-off. The cushioning action of the valve is adjustable with the help of a needle valve fitted on the pilot valve cover.

Applications :

  • Road tanker & rail wagon gantry filling
  • Custody transfer & inventory control
  • Batching, blending & dispensing in petroleum, petrochemical & process control industries.

Line Sizes: 11/2’’, 2’’, 3’’, 4’’


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